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Wonder, Answer, Skier – Windblown and the South Pole

18 Feb

Is it wonder, it  must be, or perhaps gratification or satisfaction of finding out the ‘hows?’, the eureka moment if you will, that happened today, when i could successfully could do Cross Country Skiing, yes those ski’s which took the Norwegian polar explorer Roald Amundsen 500 miles to the South Pole, saving time and energy.

Its love at first sight if I am not exaggerating, the equipment is not very expensive and its light, fits perfectly with  my belief’s that the most enjoyable things in life dont cost as much.

I hope to do more of it, and could do it where i like, this first time at the Windblown ski area in New Hampshire is all prepared tracks and i am sure there are places in the wild where Cross Country Skiing could be done, also i got to learn how to skate uphill, its looks very fluid when experts are at it, but just as looks could be deceiving, this is too.

AMC again is at help here, i just happened to rent the ski’s, shoes and pole and hit the trails without even knowing what to do, then i met my AMC team, and one of the members knew how to do it, and he taught me to glide and walk together, although i could not spend time with them a lot, but instead put to practice which i recently learned and i was good at it.

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