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Back at Lehigh

27 Jan

I have finally arrived back in the US to complete my MBA that i had started some year back (2009), this is a great change for me, I have risked a lot to come over here and get my education, in the hope that i come out of it in better shape than before.

I have quit my job, left my 2 small children with their grand parents, left my family, left security of a job and warmth of a wife, love of 2 small girls in search of better future. I hope i come out on the other side well compensated

I am generally a risk averse person but this time i had to take the plunge, due to two things that came about just around the right time. Firstly, i got terribly bored at my job doing project management in IT, second the entrepreneurship bug bit me, very hard.

So, now i am here, taking management and business classes and most importantly Entrepreneurship classes. I am unsure if i can pull of my entrepreneurship thing into a something tangible, but I am trying hard, still haven’t got my hours figured out. But i am going ahead with the plans to start on my own, but a job in the US is unavoidable considering I have taken a huge loan, and without a Green Card in the US, there is almost no way i can start on my own here. I do see there are benefits in starting a company in the US, but India is always my target

For now, continuing with my education, completing the courses, looking for internship and jobs, and trying to begin a company, all in one mode, and I am positive i can pull it off

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