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Hammerhead: April Update

21 Apr


Hello all,

It’s been just over a month since the R/GA Accelerator’s second and final Demo Day. Following three and a half months of non-stop activity, with 15-hour days, daily pitch practices, and a seemingly endless stream of meetings, the Accelerator drew to a triumphant close. 

Check out our April Update Video here:

Given some time to reflect, we are more conscious than ever of just how privileged we were to take part in this program. The level of work we completed this winter – not just in amount, but in quality as well – is staggering, and would not have been possible without the assistance, guidance, and enthusiasm of the mentors and friends we gained along the way.

There’s not enough space (or mental bandwidth) here to name all of those who lent their time and efforts to Hammerhead. But there are a handful of key individuals who’ve had and will continue to have an impact on the Hammerhead product, brand, and company who bear mentioning by name. First, there are our lead mentors, Nick Coronges, Jeremy Shure, and Brad Feld. Nick has been hugely helpful in our app development, and we look forward to working and riding with him over the rest of this year. Jeremy’s energy and advice proved invaluable in the development of our pitch. And Brad did us the great favor of not only advising us, but also introducing us at both Demo Days.

The adventure of going to Boulder to film this video with him is probably worth its own blog post someday:

Probably the greatest surprise of the program was the partnership that formed between our outfit and R/GA’s Ray Sison. Ray and his wonderful designers, Sojin and Jenny, worked with us to discover the core of the Hammerhead brand, and put in countless hours of their own time helping us bring it to life. A great thanks also to Ryan Tandy, Pon Kattera, Wade Convay, and the rest of the R/GA Services Team.


We’d also like to thank Tyler Nappy (far right in the above photo) for all the time he put in with us at the Accelerator. Tyler (Dr. Nappy as he’s known around these parts) gave freely of his time, worked hard, and was tremendous fun to have in our crew.

Now we find ourselves in the weighty, enviable position of being able to chart our own course once again. The great value of the Accelerator was learning to keep focus amidst the chaos. As the chaos has subsided somewhat, we’re excited to apply this focus to every corner of our company.

The Accelerator may be over, but our partnership with R/GA will continue, as will the friendships we’ve forged with our fellow teams.

Until next time,

Piet & the Hammerhead Team

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