Hammerhead Weekly Dispatch (June 27, 2014)

27 Jun


Hello all,

Today has been a good day. We received two important shipments. First, Hammerhead’s box design. This is the packaging that Hammerhead One will arrive in this fall. We have to keep it under wraps for now, but it is looking awesome. It’s exciting to see all the time we’ve put in with our packaging contacts pay off in a big way.

Second, and probably (ok, totally) more importantly, we have our final electrical boards. We mentioned in our last video update that we have reached the stage of making production ready prototypes. The boards came in today, and all the housing materials are scheduled to arrive on Monday. Once all those components are put together, our production ready prototypes will be born. 

Why is this exciting? It means we’re entering the stage of final testing before manufacturing. There’s plenty of work left to be done, but this is a big milestone. Thank you all for your help along the way towards achieving it!

Hope you found this interesting, and keep an eye out for our next weekly dispatch this following Friday. 

All the best,

Team HH

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