Hammerhead July Update

20 Jul


Hello All,

The spirit of adventure is in the air as we take to the streets to test Hammerhead. Check out our new video update here:

These last few weeks have been among the most exciting since the successful close of our crowdfunding campaign last fall. As Piet mentions in the update video, having near-final prototypes in our hands after months and months of work is extremely gratifying. From Julio’s beautiful light patterns and app designs to Aditya’s consistent progress on Hammerhead’s operating system and on to Laurence’s stellar work on the product as a whole, everyone has a great deal to feel good about right now. But our true excitement lies in the journey ahead; these new prototypes represent the beginning of the final phase in Hammerhead’s development.

Putting these new devices through their paces, testing the effectiveness of various visual cues and pushing the limits of Hammerhead’s battery life, we’re living the dream – our dream. The dream that caused us all to sacrifice so much of our time and our effort over the course of the last year and a half. The dream that’s hopefully going to make exploring on a bike easier than ever before. There’s so much to be said for riding with a device that both looks and works like the real deal. We’ve spent plenty of time testing Hammerhead via more humble means, so in many ways this is nothing new. And yet it feels new. This is what we’ve been fighting for and it’s here now. Hell yeah!


Clearly, we’re psyched, and wanted to share our enthusiasm with you. With that out of the way, there’s plenty more to be done. Piet and Laurence took to the friendly skies this past week and ventured to the mythical land of Las Vegas. They weren’t there for the typical reason one goes to Vegas – although Piet did let on that he gambled $1.00 away (for shame!). The duo are exploring the possibility of completing Hammerhead’s final assembly in the United States, and Las Vegas is rapidly becoming a go-to spot to do just that. The trip was a success, and we’re looking forward to solving the final piece of this manufacturing puzzle in the coming weeks.

The weeks ahead are going to be pretty intense. First, we’re going to receive a new batch of Hammerhead prototypes. These will feature fixes based on our testing with the most recent model. Piet mentioned in the video that we were dealing with some vibration in Hammerhead’s mounting bracket. This is why we test – so you don’t get your long-sought-after Hammerhead in the mail and find it bouncing up and down the minute you hit the road. So, these new units should have that issue resolved, allowing us to tackle further issues – and the cycle repeats itself.


Second, we’re going to submit a number of units for international certification. From the outset, we’ve envisioned Hammerhead as a global experience. To sell an electronics product like Hammerhead around the world, though, one needs to obtain the proper certifications. These vary from country to country, and Laurence has spent many an hour researching what certifications we need and figuring out how to get them. Needless to say, he’ll be thrilled when this process is over.

Third, we’re going to be moving to a new office. Jon M. has been working tirelessly to find us a new HQ, and we’re all looking forward to having our own space.

Finally, we’re going to ride headlong into a big month of final product testing. We want to catch and resolve as many bugs as we can before we submit Hammerhead for manufacturing. Given time, we’re not taking any chances. Besides, when the equation is more riding equals a better product, it’s a safe bet you’ll find us out on the road.

We have a lot to get done and not a lot of time to do it in. But based on our experience over the past month, it is going to be an immensely satisfying couple of weeks. We’re all thrilled to be here, riding our way through to a great product launch. 

Until next time,

Piet and the Hammerhead Team


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