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Christmas Update

20 Dec


Hello all,

After three weeks of 16 hour days, countless homemade curries, and a seemingly infinite number of new things we have to worry about, the holiday break @ R/GA Techstars is finally upon us. If you haven’t yet, check out our update video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7AZDJW2HZc.

For the next two weeks, our team will be scattered to the four winds. Piet and Laurence, to South Africa. Jon, to Massachusetts. And Raveen – well, Raveen is going to keep working at the office here in NYC. It is this dedication that earned him the moniker ‘The Jewel of Chennai’ – a name that only hints at the grandeur of his presence. 

This week, we made critical additions to our team – Tyler, who is taking the lead on a redesign of our site, and Julio, who is working with Laurence on product/industrial design. It is so exciting to be adding to our ranks – both for us and for the company.

Also happening this week: significant steps forward in Hammerhead testing; several meetings regarding manufacturing; and our first taste of the direct assistance of the R/GA staff. The Hammerhead, both as a device and as a brand, is going to benefit tremendously from the resources we have here. We’ve been saying this for weeks, but to see it in action is just awesome.

Thanks to all of you for your support – and specifically to those of you who have reached out with comments, advice, and well-wishes. 

All the best,

The HH Team


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